Vintage Toronto News - Newspaper Clippings

One of the reasons I collect old newspapers is for the stories. I think newspapers of the past give us a better glimpse into history than textbooks do.
When I am beginning a family tree one of the first things I do is read newspapers from the areas my subjects lived. I find more clues in old news clippings than I do looking through records.

This page is a collection of news stories from old Toronto Newspapers that caught my eye.

1914 - The story for this headline was unreadable but I am sure it was interesting :P
1914 - I think their legs are too long to hold the hose.

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    1. June 6, 1968 Presse de Paris article on Bobby Kennedy assassination.

    2. June 1959 Sunday Star, Detroit Tigers vs. NY Yankees.

    3. April 1965 Washingon Post reports Hanoi rejects LBJ talks.

    4. March 1922 Tripod, a Trinity College undergrad paper.